The Smart Justice Blog

After attending a training in the spring of 2017 on the need for social work researchers to disseminate their scholarship to the public, held at The Urban Institute, a couple of social work colleagues (Dr. Shannon Sliva of the University of Denver and Dr. Kelli Canada of the University of Missouri) and I started a blog called Smart Justice Solutions Curated by Social Work Scholars, or Smart Justice for short. The Smart Justice blog is a collaborative of social work scholars and friends working to solve challenging criminal justice problems with evidence-based solutions.

The goals of the Smart Justice blog are to:
Create an avenue for the small but mighty network of social work-criminal justice scholars to share our work, share commentary on important policy issues or news items, and stay connected.

Provide a meaningful avenue for dissemination of scholarship and evidence-informed policy analysis to policymakers and the general public.Note: Our views do not necessarily represent the views of our academic institutions.

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